Work Motto

So recently I realized that I’ve been stressing out about my workload. I have an online Calculus class to finish, websites to build, and regular life to live (including moving into a new place this week). I’ve been working for too long – pushing too much. Need a break.

It’s really just too much work. So I’ve started making some changes: I turned away some web clients, because I currently have enough work, AND Calculus is actually more important to me so I can be prepared for school this Summer.

What is it about life that causes us to get into these tough places? I try to find a balance in my life, but often find that I’m playing or working too much, without a balance in the middle. I guess my motto might have something to do with it:

“Work Hard, Play Hard, Die hard.”

But maybe I should change it to this:

“Work some, Play some, Never die.”

It’s funny how these things go. I kept thinking I needed to add more to my life, and now it’s time for me to appraise what I’m doing and shave away the non-essentials.

I spent most of today working on 2 things (among other things):
1. Putting some new links and images on my portfolio:
2. Updating the QuikCamo website:


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