¡Hola Mexico!

Well here i am on the… third day in Mexico City. I have no idea where to begin and I hardly have any time to say what I want to say. First, picture down town LA with cobblestone streets and tons of street vendors. That`s where i´ve been. So far we´ve seen Aztec ruins (Right here in the middle of the city!), Museums (which were really cool but I was getting tired of being in them ALL DAY). Sat in the bell tower of a Cathedral while they rang the bells at NOON, walked around the Mexico City Temple, met the Missionarios, ate the food (I actually feel BETTER after eating all this spicy food, not worse, and NO diahhrea), and part of the best part was today… we went to an LDS school and watched a dance show! I wish I had pictures to show… which I do, but none of them are online right now. Oh yeah, I LOVE learning the language, but i HATE the fact that I can hardly talk to people. Actually tonight I felt pretty good about myself because I went up to a guy at a nice hotel and asked ¨Donde esta bano?¿) p.s. the keyboards here are partly in espanol so i´m not typing too well. Anyways, the guy pointed me in the right direction. haha!!!

So far the people are great, my camera takes cool pictures even though it´s heavy… (I feel like Steve Kugath on Spring Summit). We leave Mexico City tomorrow. I´m kinda glad. It´s very noisy here and I hardly sleep. We have a window that faces the street and there is noise all night long! I miss the country, but I´m so grateful to experience the city right now! one more thing before i go… the missionaries we met showed us where this sweet restaurant is where a member is a cook. it was a three course meal for only 35 pesos, which is about 3 dollars and thirty cents! Dang good food! Well, take care yáll! Hasta La Vista!!! Maybe next time i´ll find a way to get pics up here, if not, when i get home. i´ve taken 200 pics already!


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