This is a place where there a lot of tourists. So far the trip has been improving as we have been doing more things outside and less things in museums. We saw some cool pyramid ruins surrounded by tropical stuff that made it look like we were in some kind of movie. Once again, sorry i won´t be posting pictures up.

Veracruz is very humid and hot, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and prices are higher. However the hotel is the nicest one we´ve been in. One thing that is different is that you do not throw your toilet paper in the toilet… it has to go in the trash can! We´ve had to do that the entire trip so far. This is also a party town… last night I went to an outdoor rap concert next to the seaport. There were little two year olds collecting old beer cans with their mother… probably for money. After the concert we asked this guy who pulled up with his boat if we could get on (there were 8 of us and we are always in groups) and he let us. It was fun. We danced for about 10 minutes then left.

Today I went to an Aquarium which was pretty cool… saw some exotic birds, some big fish, and some sharks. While eating dinner back at the restaurant some old guy with an old violin came in and started playing. He had a stiraphome cup in his shirt pocket with which to receive tips. He played really good and I wanted to take a picture but my camera was in my room.. bummer! Things can be so random like that here! I love it! People are doing anything they can to make money. There are street vendors everywhere you look. Certain items you see all the time and other´s are rare. Í´ve bought a few souvineers but it´s hard because i really don´t like buying things i won´t use.

The last thing i want to say is that we saw an old prison today which was built on the seaport and was also used as other things. There wasn´t any bars but the rooms were made of corral and stone mortar, and were rounded with one seam on top. The tour guide told us how the rooms echo singing very well, in fact when he sang, he hit notes that resonated the stone and kept on humming as he started singing the next words in his song! It was almost mystical. After the tour we went back to the room and sang hymns. Other Latin tourists heard us and stopped to listen. It was a great moment as the walls resonated our voices.. the most wonderful choir experience ever. Perhaps an experience which touched some of the people who were gathered to listen to us. Later, one old lady asked Chad to sing “Yesterday” to her (by John Lennon), which he did with style as he wore his pilot sunglasses. hahaha! Well I gotta go now. Hasta!


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