my current blog is at http://www.cobbman.com
for those of you who wonder why this is not as updated.

but i’m thinking of using blogger.com since the school’s computers don’t let me edit my blog with them. right now i’m focused a ton on statistics homework and media law – both hard classes to do in only 2 months.

in order to stay sane i have to plan to recreate. last night i saw the movie “click” with Adam Sandler in it and i liked it very much. i give it a 7 of 10. which is pretty good for me. the plot is a B, the effects are grade A, the story is B-. i’d watch it again.

when i have the time (which will most likely be after classes are over) i will incorporate this blog into my main website so that in the future when i can only update at a public library or something i’ll be able to do it without having my computer.


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