yesterday is getting older

thanks to google my reasons for learning web design and programming continue to be squished out of existence like grandma’s old eyewear.

they pretty much just came out with a new feature on picasa – web albums. so now, instead of creating my own photo album on my computer and sitting through a long process of uploading to a server and double checking links, i can just select the pictures using Picasa and it will automatically upload them to a google server (Free!) and post them there. Plus the format is better than awesome. Here’s my first web album: Starred Photos. So thanks a lot Google, you’ve just taken the last few excuses i had to program and automated the process. in a way i love and loathe it.

i don’t know what else to say. this may give me the time to post my old web designs online for people to see what i did before the 21st century – back when i had to walk up hill both ways just to get to my computer desk and pound out HTML and CSS using my hands on a desktop computer – hours of work for a featureless photo album. Back in my day we really had it rough, so quit yer complaining!

i really do feel ‘old’ in the face of all this new automated stuff. i remember back when i had email. nobody knew what that was so i kept promoting it (cuz i wanted to email people!). Heck, i remember being on the internet using DOS before the GUI stuff cam out. i made my own business cards with my web site, email, and pager number on them. now a days this stuff is standard, and every 3 year old has a website, and soon a google photo album.


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