Wherever You Go, There You Are

Sometimes, when you are a man, you have home-made boat races – it’s just for fun.

It’s a Wednesday Tuesday afternoon and I’m in Arizona. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m at my computer doing some work on the QuikCamo site (well, taking a break now).

I’ve been used to migrating south for the Winter and I’ve enjoyed the good-weather benefits. But I feel lately that I may want to just stay in one place for a year or more. Just to be a little more established. I think I’ll stay in AZ for a while. I like the warmer climate.

Speaking of this place, I’ve found something really cool: GangPlank (www.GangPlankHQ.com) – a free collaborative work environment in Chandler. Yep, it’s just what it sounds like. The city of Chandler has sponsored some groovy offices space downtown so anybody who wants to can sit at a desk, get work done, meet new people, share and collaborate, and more. They have some free arcades there (props for us from the 90’s!) and sodas are only 25 cents! I pretty much LOVE it there. I get a lot of work done, and I meet great people like me who just need a place to set their laptops on and work.

I’ve also been exercising again. Not much more needs to be said about that, but it feels good to be exercising.

And YES – I’m walking the Anasazi Trail! Always love it here. Always love the Arizona desert.

Here’s some websites I’ve finished recently for clients:

  • www.ShareNPay.com (company out of Utah with an iPhone app for making payments) 
  • www.QuikCamo.com (always changing stuff on this one) 
  • www.InkBink.net (this is just a side-project of mine. Really it’s just a WordPress site with minimal edits.)

I’m working on a concept for my portfolio site: www.Vendo5.com, but it isn’t up yet. I’ll be sure to announce it once that’s finished.

Lastly, concerning websites, I just bought a new domain name: www.BigWilliam.com. Haha! Now it’s easy to remember. But for tradition sake, I’m still keeping “The World of Brian.” You can now use both (and CobbMan.com works too).

Audios Amigos.

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Get updated when a new article is posted. No SPAM, I promise.