What I look for…

What I look for in an Apartment…

  1. Environment. What the overall feel of the place is key. It can’t just look clean, it has to FEEL clean.
  2. Space. Is there places for things? Linen closets, walking room, closets, and yards, etc.
  3. Friends. You gotta get along with the roomies, enough said.
  4. Respect. Are the people living there aware of others? Most people who barely left their parent’s house still haven’t learned that Mom’s not doing the dishes anymore, so they always leave a big mess.

What I look for in a Job…

  1. Self-Motivation. I’m most happy when I can look at the situation and figure out how to make it better using my own brain.
  2. Flexibility. I like being able to work long days and short days, so that life can happen in between.
  3. Stewardship. I want to feel like what I’m doing means something to people. I like to work with and interact with others.
  4. Intelligence. My job requires me to know something. I’m here because I have the skills and ability to fulfill the position and make things better.


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