what ever is better

okay, so i’ve spent a lot of time on this page and why? i dunno. if you browse the net for a while you’ll find that there’s thousands of geeks like me posting their lame interests on the internet. there’s so many ‘blogs’ out there that nobody could possibly read them all. so now i feel like a brick in the wall. no more rhyming and i mean it. anybody want a peanut?

i found my own FREE blog program that i’ll run on my server as soon as i can learn to use it properly. so despite my realization, i will continue to clutter the www with my own version of ‘dull living’. maybe i’ll find a large group of people who are just dying to see what i’ll write about next, and they’ll donate money to me just to keep me supported while i stare at my compter screen.

as fascinating as the web-world is, and i can spend hours and hours wasting time this way if i choose to do so, i cannot deny the urge to just walk outside and see what is around me. there’s a conflict here – i am obsessed with my own website (a subconscious addiction?) and i’d rather be camping.

so now what? update: i am close to publishing “spring summit” pictures! until next time…(you may see a completely different blog format next time).


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