Visiting USU

Today is the 10,093rd day of my life. What did I do with it? I woke up early with my dad and we drove to Logan Utah (2 hrs) where we had breakfast at IHOP and then he dropped me off at USU. I had a scheduled tour and he had a business meeting. {The rest of the day I spent cleaning the house up}.

The tour was great. It was nice to see first hand what the campus was like. They got a few quirky-cool things like a hotel on campus (for visitors and parents), a library with a robotic arm to retrieve your books, and “aggie” ice cream. It definitely has an Agriculture Community feeling, or in other words, it feels like a “home-grown” University.

Overall the buildings felt a bit like Rexburg – with the red brick style. But then there were some cool modern looking buildings with lots of glass and metal, etc. They have an excellent track record for Engineering. Especially Aerospace Eng. They are the third largest funded University for Engineering research in the nation, the top University for Aerospace projects in the world, and they claim that 96% of their Engineering students pass the Engineer Exam on the first try.

The campus feels nice, like BYU-I does, plus it felt like a humble University in the mountains. Kind of cosy parked in a canyon with mountains all around. Totally cool spot for great outdoors and great Engineering !!!!! Overall my opinion of this school is that it’s a good round fit for what I like. I still want to try ASU out because of the inner-city factor. But I really think I’d love USU for the Outdoors and quality Engineering courses.

some pics from my phone:

Basketball Arena

Engineering Building
In the Library
The Library’s robotic arm

Housing Building – typical red brick style of Rexburg
Aggie Ice Cream (it’s really good, despite the bad look I’m giving it).

p.s. i’m still attending ASU this Fall

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