Vacation Wrap-Up

Well I just arrived in Rancho Santa Fe and now I’m listening to some Jack Johnson and looking forward to a day of… no driving! Being Sunday tomorrow, I’ve decided that the only driving I’ll be doing is when I go to church. So far this week’s vacation in Cali has been very worthwhile… met lots of relatives, but in order to do that we had to do a lot of driving. Mostly from L.A. to Riverside and San Diego. We saw cousins Bonnie and Chet, Debbie, and sister Stacy. We ate at Swinger’s (Stacy’s Restaurant) about three times in the past two days 🙂 We didn’t get to go to Magic Mountain because it started raining and most of the good rides were closed anyways. So there’s a ‘rain check’ for that in the summertime. Sterling did some body surfing at Manhattan Beach, while I only got my feet wet and then laid on the sand for a nice, outdoor, sunny nap. Oh yeah, there are lots of cool longboarding places around here, but not many rock climbing. I just found out that Joshua Tree has all the rock climbing spots… wish I had found that out sooner 🙁 But we had a great time anyways; even did some longboarding.

Sterling is going to stay with his friend in Hemet until he returns to Utah on Thursday. I will hang out at Debbie’s until Monday where I will then drive to Arizona. I went to a single’s dance tonight with sterling in Hemet. It was at the Park Hill Chapel. I actually saw two people I remember from High school STILL HERE! And still looking ‘cool’ just as they did when we were in High School. Some people REALLY need to get out of Hemet! But overall I danced with one girl who kept moving her arm from my back to my shoulder, to the point where I didn’t know what style she was trying to dance. But she told me I was the hottest person there. I was happy to disappoint her with the news that I was from Idaho, and en route to Arizona. Needless to say I will NOT be going to the Valentine’s dance with her in February – which she tried to give me a flier for. There was a total of 20 singles at this dance.

Well, that’s that. I’m exited to go to Anasazi!!! See y’all later!


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