Thinking About Turning My Ethereum Miner Into Gaming PC’s

I’ve been thinking about deconstructing my Ethereum miner and making some Gaming PC’s with the GPU’s.

I have 6 Nvidia 1060’s 8GB RAM which are attached to a single motherboard via PCI risers. The build is mounted on a bamboo shoe rack. I added a wooden bar across the top to screw the GPU’s into. Up until recently it’s been running like a charm.

Here’s a photo of what it looks like (sorry for how blurry it is):

However, after 2 years of running smoothly, recently I noticed 2 GPU’s were not running and after a quick inspection I realized that one of the risers burned out. What!?

The one that burned out was using the 4-pin connectors instead of the 6-pin connectors. The reason for this is that I didn’t have enough 6-pin connectors to power all 6 GPU’s and their respective risers.

And for the past several months, I’ve been searching for 6-pin GPU power connectors which are compatible with my MaxTytan PSU. And I have not found any.

I’ve even emailed the company and have not heard a response (they are based in China though, so maybe my email didn’t go through?)

I’m sitting here with a partly-working Ethereum miner and wondering what can be done about those cables I can’t find. I’ve checked NewEgg, Amazon, the MaxTytan website, and general searches.

So, maybe it’s time to retire this miner and make some PC’s then?

I’m seriously considering it.

UPDATE: After many months of searching – I never found a compatible 6-pin power cable. So I purchased an industrial power supply – and ended up using that to power four of the GPU’s while the standard PS powered the motherboard and 2 GPU’s. The end result? My ethereum miner now runs smoothly 24/7 without restarting. No more power surges, no more burned cables.

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Get updated when a new article is posted. No SPAM, I promise.