The Going Gets Tough

Sometimes the going gets tough. You think you’re heading in a good direction, moving forwards, only to find out that you’re doing it all wrong, and because you did it wrong, you’ve actually set yourself back.

I just paid $82 for background checks to start my teacher certification, but when I re-read the directions on their website I discovered that I didn’t even need this. Money is so tight right now and I blew it on a background check that I don’t need! (non-refundable of course).

My Jeep overheated a few days ago while I was driving on the freeway. I immediately pulled over and parked it, but I guess it was already too late – blown head gasket. Do I have $3,000 to pay someone to fix it? No. If I had a garage to fix it myself, then I would, but I don’t.

Body pain? Yep: Sprained wrist that just won’t heal, worst part is that it makes rock climbing all the more difficult. (this really isn’t too bad, I mean, of all things that could go wrong, a sprained wrist is nothing).

This seems to be part of life however, and I’ve been here before. So, not to despair, I’ll just pick up the pieces and move on.

I’m looking into selling the Jeep to a mechanic who can fix it up for himself, and then buying a motorcycle (lower gas bill, and lower insurance). I’ll just keep on applying for my teacher certification using the correct check list this time, and I wrapped my wrist in an ace bandage today. Woot!

Life is good.



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