Dragon Fly that landed on our rope while climbing Black Rocks. St. George, UT

My goals this week are to get a new vehicle and get up and running.

First, the vehicle – since I’m not living in Salt Lake anymore it has been tough to get around on just a bicycle. Plus I have been asking for rides more often than ever. That can only last so long before it becomes necessary to get a vehicle again. An opportunity came for one, so I’m taking it: A 1997 Dodge Minivan. The price is right and with a little bit of work on the breaks I should have this thing registered and up and running in the next few days. And the first thing I plan to do with it is drive up the canyon and go rock climbing! Yes, it will feel good. The best part is (for me) that I can sleep in it when I have to, and keep my bike in it for some good riding whenever I want. Oh, and I’ll be parking it by any river I see just so I can tell the kids that “I live in a van, down by the river.” For those of you, like my mom, who dislike the thought of me living in a van, my next plan is to get some land and build my own house on it. Yeah, whenever Recreation Jobs actually pay enough money to do that, I will.

The website, is a new purchase of mine because my brother and I are planning on selling Noni Juice online again. If you don’t know what Noni is, you’ll have to google it for now, but by the end of this week we should have the site up with some good information about Noni. I hope that within a short time will become a main resource for people wanting to learn about the Noni fruit and a great place to find coupons for different Noni products.

I can’t believe August is just about over. This Summer has flown by and I feel like I’m just getting started.



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