I am still in Utah at my parents house. I’ve done a lot of things: replaced the bathroom sink, mapped the sprinkler system around the house and fixed/replaced many broken sprinklers, moved a lot of boxes, pulled a TON of weeds, shoveled the mud from the sidewalks, and stuff like that.

My social life has been with my cat, and my mom’s new puppy. I mean, I guess I don’t have very long conversations with my parents at all. I did spend some time with some really cool people here though.

Anyways, I was going to drive back to AZ today but seeing as how there’s still more to do, I’m staying for a few more days. Perhaps I can time it so that I can go to John and Laura’s reception in Las Vegas this Saturday.

I just signed up for my classes today. I am only taking two: Chemistry for Engineers and Calculus for Engineers. Both classes land me at 7 credits and many hours of homework. Bring it on.


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