Slack line at a Stake Party

well i set this one up and it was a blast. the stake party had hamburgers, live music, and volleyball, and when i showed up, a slack line! all i did was slack line all night. go some weird looks but still people kept coming over to try it out! i hardly had time to do anything else! my roomies and Anasazi friends were there too.

I just want to share one thing. In the end of the evening there was diffrent plans going on – all were good but we did the thing where every body stands around and talks about it and nobody makes a decision (I hate that!). I felt like it was my fault because I was going to do milkshakes and a bon fire with Anthony and Amanda but that changed because I didn’t bring a date (my bad) so suddenly I was in the position of not having a plan. Eventually we broke up into two groups: My roomies and I had ice cream at our place (Anthony and Amanda came along). Other’s went to a ‘public’ house party across town (too far away and, yeah). The end.


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