Resurrecting old skills

I can’t believe I’m actually doing it…

I’m bringing back the online portfolio, practicing web development, and subscribing to geeky newsletters again.


The most obvious reason is lifestyle. I have a passion for the power of the internet and I want to harness it again.

Truth is, I never fully let it go. Even though I stopped keeping an online portfolio and stopped coding on a daily basis, I always kept up to date with the latest in developments, helped friends with websites they were building, and talked about one day returning to it all.

I plan on doing much more this time around: One obvious change will be my approach to web development. I’ve learned a lot of techniques from watching others and talking about the web. There are far more resources available today than there was even 3 years ago. I’m excited for such a vast field of knowledge at my fingertips.

From here the sky is the limit. A web page can be about anything you want it to be. I’m like a chef in a kitchen with unlimited ingredients. Who knows what will be made next, and how much fun it will be to create.



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