Quiet Sunday

Hey everyone! Just an average Sunday. I’m comfortably alone since Josh is in Utah right now and I’ve turned down any invitations from friends to come over. I just finished talking to my mom on a video chat with Skype. I love that program. I also read some of “In the Eye of the Storm” which is a great book I’m reading through right now. I like the short chapters and it’s a fun read to pick up anytime. I just posted some of my photo’s on DreamsTime.com where they will be sold as stock photography. If people buy them I will get a couple bucks each photo. I am curious to see how my photo’s hold up in the “public eye.”

Church was good today, but I was very tired sitting through it all. I came home and ate some food. I’ve been looking for a bike so I can commute to work with it. Only problem is, all the used ones I find are too small for me. I need a big bike. I think I would like to have a cruiser. I’ve been checking craigslist.org a lot for one.

I realized as I’m looking for increased income that a lot of my old skills are rather old. It’s been a long time since I’ve done things I used to do. Unless someone wants to pay me to hike or rock climb then I am going to have to “polish” up my other skills. I just don’t know what’s fun anymore. All I care about right now is getting out of debt; and I’ll work all day if that’s what it takes.


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