so if you are here you will find that i have a more updated blog located at but since i’m bothering putting this, here’s

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okay,my current blog is at http://www.cobbman.comfor those of you who wonder why this is not as updated. but i’m thinking of using since the

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Ultimate Frisbee

We lost our first Ultimate Frisbee tournament game by one point! The game was really fun, and there was a lot of wind which messed

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Blogger News

As you can tell, I’m using as my ‘news’ page. So here’s the news…_I added a video… it’s a song by G-Love where the

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In the End

So I bought a new car… well it’s a used ’99 Jeep Cherokee, but to me it’s new. I used it to drive down to

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Continuing On

Hey y’all, i’ve decided in order to protect my personal server that I would continue to use blogger for my blog. I’ve been really busy

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A New Gloat..

If you found this blog, please refer to the link above from now on. My website is now officially thanks 😉

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what ever is better

okay, so i’ve spent a lot of time on this page and why? i dunno. if you browse the net for a while you’ll find

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sunday is today

and being sunday i went to church. afterwards i went to the park and read an awesome talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland in 1988.

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No Time

…to do pretty much anything fun. but that’s the way it is during transitions in life. right now i’m moved in and starting fall classes.

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I have been learning the skills of finish carpentry these past few days. working 12 hour days sometimes. it is hard but lots of fun.

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Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite if you have not seent this movie, you should. Especially if you’ve ever lived in idaho.

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