One Month Later…

Hey guess what everybody, I’m back in the U.S. of A! I can smell the contrast of the fresh Utah mountain air from that of the Carribean humidity I just came from. I think we should plan on vacationing in Belize. It’s a tropical pirate paradise.

I only have this week to do stuff before classes start for 2nd block summer. Actually I really don’t have to do any classes – I’m done! But I want to take a Trigonometry class in prep for graduate school one day, so, since I have to wait 2 months for the graduation ceremony anyways, might as well make it useful. I figure with only one class I’ll have plenty of time to rock climb the local sites, practice the bass guitar, and update my web site into something useful. I have a lot of poetry and story ideas and I think I’ll try to sell them to help support myself for a while after school. I’m exited to be living in Rexburg again; does that sound funny to anyone?

Here is a picture of me experiencing what Tarzan did on a daily basis in the Rainforest…


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