No Time

…to do pretty much anything fun. but that’s the way it is during transitions in life. right now i’m moved in and starting fall classes. my first day was an immediate stress load so i tweaked my schedule and dropped a few credit hours. now i’m happy (ier). i tried out for drum line. now i practice with the group at 645 am each morning. it’s hard to keep up but worth it.

i hiked table rock last saturday and hope to be publishing the pics on my webpage soon. it’s kinda like time suddenly sped up and i’m being left behind. if i want to do something it’s always at the sacrifice of another priority. like how i’m not doing homework right now to write this blog.

but i feel it is important to be up to date with things. so here is a sample picture from the top of Table Rock Mountain…looking at the Teton mountains…

table rock. 28 Aug 2004


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