New Room!

Hey there! It’s Sunday and I am sitting here in my NEW ROOM. I also picked up a nifty computer desk and chair that I found on That means I own two pieces of furniture now… it feels like I’m growing up. lol

Yes, that is a picture taken by my computer of me at my new desk, in my new room, at my new condo. Ahem… I have 3 roommates who live in the other rooms, so it isn’t really “my” condo.

I will truly miss living with Josh for we had a lot of good times making fun of all our visitors, and I even went to church with him, and we could see the Mesa Temple from our living room, and his dad just planted a Salsa Garden outside our front door! Not to mention the cheap rent (on my part 🙂 and going to the park often for slacklining! At least I’m only a few blocks away so a quick drive is all it takes for a visit.

Oh yeah, I have a fan in my room…
It’s going to be REALLY nice when the hot summer comes in a few weeks.

Now all I want to do is get rid of everything that I’m not using anymore. I think it’s about 1/3 of my things.

This and one other thing has been on my mind… I can’t wait to go climbing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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