I’m making it official… I will always go by the name of “William” (my first name). Most of you know me as Brian, that’s fine. If you still want to use that name I’m not going to hold it against you. Brian is a great name, and I’ve used it for years and still like it. But from now on I will always be introducing myself as William to keep it simple.

In fact, I even made a new Twitter account ( My name is “william_cobb” on twitter. If you have a twitter account, please follow me on it (not that I use it a lot, but sometimes I do).

The other “new” news about me is that I’ll be staying in Utah a lot longer than I expected. On October 9th I’ll be moving to Salt Lake City into a nice house set downtown. I’m pretty stoked to be living in Salt Lake – unexpectedly glad in fact. Utah has great rock climbing in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and all around Salt Lake is cleaner than the average downtown’s I’ve been to before. Not to mention a lot of cool people.



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