Livin’ the Dream in Wyoming

So it’s been raining in jackson everyday for about a week. Doesn’t make for a friendly camping experience, but at least there’s this nice library to hang out at, and my tent is freaking awesome dry. Hiking in the rain for fun is out, since a hot shower costs $6.50 and I would only want to hike in the rain and get muddy if I could finish with a hot shower and a laundry machine.

My job starts on Thursday – driving a Wonderbread truck and delivering goodies to all the little forest animals who live around the Teton Mountains. It is supposed to last until September.

Today I returned from Utah again where I met Zac and Franklin to get my paint equipment, thanks to them for bringing it all the way up here from AZ!

I bought a cast iron skillet so I can cook bacon and eggs on the fire. It’s pretty sweet with a 2 for 1 set up: both dutch oven and 2 skillets when you need them. My outdoor haven is almost complete – when the rain stops long enough I’m going to set up the cabin tent and “move in.”

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