Kitchen Table

So after the workbench was done, the next project was to re-do our kitchen table.

Once again, I used Google Sketch to put my designs into action. By the way, it always helps to draw it out on paper first. I think of 3D sketching as thinking through the build process. If I try to brainstorm or sketch in 3D land than I don’t make any progress and just get frustrated. But if I draw it on paper first (usually many variations) and then come up with a plan, then 3d sketching is a ton of fun as it feels like “practicing” the actual build.

Here’s the kitchen table sketchup:

I have a ton of fun doing this, btw. My wife saved me from a mistake – I originally had the table legs set closer together by a whole foot. I thought it would make sense to have more overhang with the table. But I’m glad she suggested to keep the legs towards the edge – it looks and feels much better in real life that way.

So without further ado, here’s the photos from this build, plus the finished product!

A few fun facts: the support beam in the middle was per my wife’s request. She said growing up their table had a beam like that going down the middle and she would alway put her feet on it while sitting at the table. She wanted to do that again, so ta-da, we now have one too! I admit, it is nice to have a place for your feet to go while sitting at a table.

Next fun fact, I screwed up one of the legs (hard to see in the photos) by beveling one of them. I had this last minute crazy idea that a beveled table leg would look good. Instead, it made our table look like it had a pegged leg on one side – like a pirate does 😀 haha – though my wife wasn’t very happy with the fact that we now have a table with 1 beveled leg and 3 straight ones. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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