Just when you think your money was well spent…

I could not have thought more carefully before buying a Memory Foam Mattress. I spent weeks and saved up money just so I could sleep better. I was so happy to finally have a brand new bed, and it was California King Size yeah! It looked, and felt, and smelt, pretty sweet…
Yes, it “smelt” sweet. It came with this factory-fresh smell that was a kind of sweet but plastic smell.

I was proud of myself: I had spent my money wisely and now was going to sleep well for many years to come on a bed that was big and comfy.

H O W E V E R…..
From the first night I slept on it, I woke up with a headache and burning throat. It can’t be from my bed!? Surely I’m getting sick with something! But a night on the couch downstairs proved me wrong… there was something with that new bed.

The smell began to grow on me. Instead of smelling sweet and factory-fresh my face squinted at the smell. It reminded me of having a headache and heart burn. I began to wonder about the box it came it which read “Made in China.”Remember all those toys from China that had to be recalled because of the led paint that was poisoning our children??? What if this bed was also made with harmful chemicals? I went online and no one had a definite answer but the question had already been asked on some forums.

I have a sensitive sniffer. I go by smell a lot. I can smell the individual ingredients in a bowl of stew, I can smell when people have sinus congestion from yards away, I can smell differences in things and cars and houses, etc. Thus, I can’t live with a smelly bed!

So I posted it up on the internet to sell it again, unfortunately for a loss because now the bed was out of the package and I’ve already slept on it. Nobody wanted it. What’s the deal? My ad looked good. But no phone calls. Finally after many posts, somebody called. They wanted to trade. Um… Okay… I’ll take a Pillowtop Queen in place for my factory-stink memory foam. Nobody else seems to want this bed anyways. The queen size bed they gave me was cheap, and used. But at least it didn’t stink. I bought a bed cover and new sheets from Target, plus I’m using my down blanket as a pad to keep my face as far away from the used mattress as possible.

It’s actually quite comfortable.

I really feel like stuff like this happens to me all the time. All I wanted was a bed. I spent hours searching for just the right size and deal. I finally found one and yet, something like the smell of the bed was an issue. I NEVER thought about that one!!!

I hate living in society for this very reason! Manufacturers sould not make things that are bad for our health just so they can make a bigger profit!!!

Frustrations aside, I’m happier with my new bed despite the fact that I could have saved money if I had bought a non-foam bed first. The people who traded for me really got a good deal – unless the smell bothers them. But I don’t think it will, based on my first impression. Just trust me on that one.

Before you go out and get yourself one of those fancy-smancy memory foam beds, consider the smell. Perhaps more natural materials is the best answer. This whole experience just pushes me closer to living away from a factory-made world and out on my own – in a house I built with my own hands, furniture I built with my own hands, and technology for energy use built with my own hands.

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Get updated when a new article is posted. No SPAM, I promise.