I was thinking of digitizing my journals so that I could “search” them for topics I may have written about. I think it’s a great idea, especially since I just finished writing in it and just as I thought, i turned to a year and a half ago and I wrote that I’ve learned the same thing. If it were digital I could find all journal entries about the same topic and then monitor myself to see how and if I am truly learning to change or if I just keep going in circles. Right now it seems I keep having to learn things over and over again! It would take time to re-type all the words, but may be worthwhile in the long run. Big issue: what format to use (.doc, .txt, etc., or database).

I just got up from a nap which wasn’t really a nap at all. I wanted to rest before doing lots of homework but things kept coming to my mind. Old things. So instead of resting I started pondering and asking myself why these old things still bothered me today. I ended up writing them down in my journal and that is how I got this idea to digitize the whole thing. I wanted to see if my current worries were merely repeats of the past or if they were truly new and fresh in my life as I sometimes think. But with a paper journal I have to thumb through the pages manually and scan the writing. In a digital journal I can link to pictures to go with people or even songs. So later in life, my posterity can see and hear and read my journal. How cool is that? I wonder if there’s already a program that does this. If not, I should make it and sell it or something. If you are reading this and you would use such a journal program (It would be able to be “secure” so only you could access it on your computer) please leave a comment and let me know.

So I have a lot of school work to do. I finished the December “Out and About” (the Outdoor Newsletter) today and submitted it to the Press. We should have it ready by the 1st. I like improving it each semester and I’m really proud of the way it looks this time. The outside has a close up picture of an Ice Climber and on the back there are “Winter Tips.” The inside is a calendar of events with a cool snowboarder pic.

Now, for those of you who like the long – drawn out blogs, here’s what I have yet to do in school:
– 15 page research paper on Ice Climbing Facilities
– Minimum 10 page Research and Evaluation on the results of a survey I’m doing for RL487 (realistically it will be about 20 pages).
– Finish editing small video for Group Dynamics
– Make an e-Portfolio, and edit the World Gym Training Video for my Senior Capstone project
– Still group meetings, only 2 a week now instead of 2 like every day!
– The rest is small stuff like daily homework assignments and reports.

Oh yeah, did i mention my LIFE? I am going Airboarding this Saturday, but I just hope I can spare the time – out from getting school work done.


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