In the End

So I bought a new car… well it’s a used ’99 Jeep Cherokee, but to me it’s new. I used it to drive down to Utah over Conference weekend and visit Dad, Jo and Sterling. Amy came along and we got to talking a lot. She pretty much stayed with us the whole time except during the missionary reunion. On the way back to Rexburg we stopped by Amy’s sisters house and had an excellent Mexican dinner. Returning that night, Sunday, I came home and just went to bed.

Bad news for today… One of our kittens was killed by a neighbor’s dog who escaped from their back yard and ran into our garage in a violent rampage. My brother, Sterling, heard noises in the garage so he ran out to see what was the matter. He arrived just in time to see one of our two kittens squirming on the floor. Sadly, Sterling held “Sir. Robbie” as she took her last few breaths after being mangled by the escaped Bassat Hound. The owner, though trying to restrict his dog, did not seem immediately remorseful for the kitten, but rather defensive about his dog coming onto our property and killing our kitten (Sir. Robby was picked from a litter three weeks ago by Sterling because she was the calmest and most friendly of all the kittens). I told my brother to talk to the dog’s owners. The least they can do is make an apology for not controlling their animal (to my knowledge that has not happened yet). Other neighbors told us their dog escapes often. I hope now they will realize how dangerous it can be to let a dog run freely on the streets. What if there was a young child in the garage? We mourn the death of our Sir. Robby; she was loved and is survived by her sister, “Danger.” Fortunately, Danger was able to escape the dog – as her name indicates, she is a fast and witty kitten. Sir. Robby was the quiet passive one. Danger and Sir. Robby were like best friends – always playing and sleeping together. Even when we got them the owner said those two kittens acted like best friends always playing with each other. Yet now Danger sleeps without Sir. Robby for the first time. Why don’t people control their stupid dogs!

I keep thinking about how life can be so good one day, and be over the next. Yeah, it’s just a kitten… one that we dedicated a lot of time to and hoped to see her live a full life. Time to move on and care for Danger, she’s the only one left.


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