I’m going to ASU

Okay, I accidentally confused a lot of you into thinking I was going to school in Utah, but… I’m going to ASU (Arizona State University). I only visited Logan to see the Utah State campus – which I may transfer to one day, but I was already accepted to ASU and so here I am! I love it here! There are so many things here I can’t begin to explain it all!

I have a part time job working at the football games. I walk up and down the stands and assist people with whatever they need. The good = I get to watch the game for free. The bad = I miss some of it when I’m attending the fans, plus I can’t woot for my team.

I finally found a place to call home, but I can’t move into it until this Saturday. I’ll have my 0wn room, bathroom, and walk-in closet. And since the bus will go right by my front door, I won’t have to drive to school anymore!

Other than that my life is all business right now. I hope to go camping this weekend though. It’s about time I had some recreation!

A few weeks ago when I visited Jo in Jackson…

Jo posted some pictures of us mountain biking in Jackson… sweet pics!


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