How to Tell the Difference Between Nerds and Geeks

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One often has heard the term Nerd and Geek. Often these terms are used interchangeably. This is not acceptable in polite society. To avoid further offense here are some fool-proof ways to tell a one from the other.


  1. To determine if the individual in question is a geek or a nerd, first engage the person in converation.
  2. Within in a few minutes, a nerd will be revealed. This individual will be positively gushing with information on a specific topic… and can not wait to talk about it. Often times the subject Nerd will disregard eye contact, and avoid any acknowledgement that they are involved in a two-way conversation.
  3. If within a few minutes the individual is able to steer clear of a dogmatic desire to talk about a specific topic, you may have a geek on you hand. Or perhaps a dork. But this is not about identifing dorks. However, for the sake of science I will make a clarifing statement. A dork is a geek with well developed social skills. A geek on the other hand does not have the dogged determination like a nerd to stay on one topic. They are more rounded than nerds.


  • Other ways to tell a Nerd from a Geek is a simple bedroom or ‘hobby room’ visit. A nerd will have a single theme throughout. It will be right in line with what the person has been talking about the entire walk to their bedroom door. A geek may have a single theme – but it may be completely different than any topic you have discussed up to this point.


  • Nerds are unaware of their nerdom. They may or may not be offended by being considered a nerd. It is best to allow them to talk about their topic without interruption. If you have a question about anything they have said DO NOT ASK IT!! You will become trapped! A question is seen as a sure sign of passion for their topic. In the end the only way to break away is to allow the nerd to talk themselves to the point that they need sleep / food / bathroom break / or a previously arranged unavoidable engagement. Otherwise you will be forced to be rude to them to get away.
  • Geeks are aware of their geekdom, for the most part. Be careful though in discussing their topic. They are more aware of other peoples feelings and body language, but may still be prone to mistaking a look of painful boredom as a hint of interest.
  • Good Luck – Be Strong!

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