Homework, Birthdays, and Anasazi

This is a hard week. I have about four projects. One 15 pager I’m going to finish today, a survey research project due Monday (20+ pages), an e-Portfolio, and a final paper that I finished yesterday. I know this week there is not going to be much fun stuff to do.

Yesterday I took a break when Jo came over with Mary and Kori and made 7-layer dip and coconut banana cream pie. We also climbed at Sticks n Stones. Then we made our own iron-on t-shirt quotes. Thanks for the Birthday Party everyone!!!

So it’s back to work today, luckily I have some left-over pie. My parents called and left a message on my phone. It was great to hear both of them singing.

I just made arrangements to go back to Anasazi on January 3rd. It’s hard to leave here. I think it is because I have built friendships that I don’t want to leave behind. I mean I know I will always have certain friendships always, but for the new people I met this semester, we won’t keep in touch; it just happens that way every time. Last time I went to Anasazi I felt much more dedicated about it. I guess I’m getting tired of only getting to know people for four months before having to switch wards or housing. It was fun for a while but perhaps I feel a need for more establishment.

After four months at Anasazi I am coming back to Rexburg to finish my last class on the Meso America Tour. Then I will be officially done with school at BYU-Idaho. Graduated with two Bachelors Degrees. I’m wondering if the past four years was worth it. Academically probably not, but spiritually yes. I think from being in an environment where I share the same religious beliefs I have learned so much about myself. Such as more appreciation for my family and a re-connection with my siblings and parents.

I’ve learned a lot from my jobs on campus and some classes. Other classes were a waste of time and money because of teachers who don’t know how to teach. But overall there are some of the BEST teachers at BYU-I. Well it’s time to return to doing homework.


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