Graduating Brings Deep Thoughts and I Think I’m Changing

Honestly I’m finding myself staring at graduation in my mind for long periods of time and wondering what it all means: How did I get here? and Where will I go? are questions I keep reviewing in my head. A third thought is: Could I have done anything better? I know the answer to the third question is yes, but that doesn’t leave me with regret as much as a feeling of having to make up for it in the future. I’m still very happy with my life so far, knowing it hasn’t been perfect.

The things I thought once silly I’m now taking seriously; like Who will I keep in touch with? What state will I live in? Is there life outside BYU-Idaho? I’m also eating strange foods like: tuna and crackers, sprouted lentils, and drinking rice milk (I love rice milk!). Plus, I no longer seek to “run away” from American Society and live in a cave. I think the Meso America Tour showed me just how great it is to live here, even if we have idiots who mess things up for everyone else. I’m thinking of being established with some land, and being a part of society. Saving the cave for extended vacations every once in a while, and making the outdoors a heavy part of my recreation. Anyways…

I got exited today when I had an idea for graduation invitations… a collage of pictures that represent BYU-Idaho to me personally. Things like the Rexburg Temple, the Sand Dunes, the Spori Building (where most of my classes were), and the Teton Mountains. It would make a stunning picture.

On Saturday I went all the way through the Darby Caves. It was difficult because the spring snow runoff flooded the caves with rivers of icy water. We had to hike through a lot of it and shimmy over the deep parts. My hands and toes were cold for the entire time. Joe, who had done the cave about five times said it was the hardest run he’d ever done. I would compare the stress level to be the same as doing Symmetry Spire. It was just hard. Nevertheless I’m glad I did it. I memorized sections of the cave so I can go through again with my own confidence to guide me. Perhaps a run in the fall, when the water is gone, will be worthwhile!

Just for fun, here is a picture of me on the Meso America Tour with me and Nate giving some orphans a ride on our shoulders in the rain forest!!!


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