Going to Utah

Well my friends, it is Sunday and I am about to go to bed. I’m pretty tired as I’ve been staying up a lot lately, but that doesn’t stop me from wasting a few minutes on facebook and updating my blog.

I found this cool pen which I think every college student should have. It’s a computer pen that records what you write and the audio while your writing… perfect for recording college lectures, etc. Here’s the link: www.livescribe.com

Also, since I’ve been jobless for the past weeks on end, and it’s too hot here to really do anything besides eat ice cream and stay inside, I’m going up to Utah for an extended visit. I plan to help my parents out with some yard work among other things. I’m also going to check out the USU campus to see about attending in the Spring. I am definitely going to be an Engineer. So I need to go back to school. I’m actually exited and nervous about it at the same time. It’s exiting to know why I’m going to school (I really didn’t know why I got my first degree in Communications, I just did, and I learned a lot but it doesn’t help me get any jobs). USU looks like a beautiful campus and everyone I talk to says they have a great Engineering program. So I’m going to check it out first hand.

Ahh what else? Well like I said I’m tired right now. I’ve been having too much fun lately I guess. In a tribute to my life so far here in Arizona, I’d just like to say that so far I’ve LOVED my ward and my callings (Sunday School Teacher and Sacrament Coordinator), my friends I’ve made, and the variety of Mexican food. I’m not gonna miss the run down streets and the crappy buildings. Gosh I’m writing as if I’m not coming back, but I plan to come back. I’m leaving a lot of stuff here so I have to come back.

I saw Batman twice this weekend. Totally worth it. But I don’t have to tell you that. You’ve probably heard the hype already; it’s all over YouTube and Digg. Heath Ledger did such a legendary job as the Joker. I love the new Joker character is all it’s complex aspects. If you liked the first movie, you will love this one.

In the mean time, remember to stand up for your rights! and have a nice day…


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