Geekin it up

So here I am… I’ve been geekin’ it up with my bro Sterling. On the computer all day, fumbling with virutal machines and installing or tweaking our operating systems. It’s realy fun, expecially since it’s been so cold and snowy outside.

I also just bought Sterling’s old computer from him. It’s super nice, and a definite upgrade from what I’m used to. I’ll miss my old computer… and it seems like I just got xUbuntu working perfectly with all my apps just how I want them on it. Well, guess that means it’s time to start over. My new laptop has dual core 2.5 ghz 64 bit processor, 4gig ram, 160gig 7200rpm SATA HD, high def monitor, the works. The outside looks like a beast from 1989, but it’s what’s inside that counts. I spent all day installing drivers for WinXP, and now “Linux Mint”.

Tonight I went to my friend Greg Zeh’s wedding reception. He’s marrying Aubrey – who he met when she was a missionary. Long story short, after her mission they got in touch somehow on FaceBook, and the rest was history. He moved from Mesa, AZ to Salt Lake, UT and dated and got engaged. I think they look great with each other.



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