Culture Shock, living with Josh, First Week Back

Arizona feels like a culture shock right now. It’s not where I live or work, but the people I see walking down the street and it’s the buildings – such as the Dairy Queen “shack” I passed while driving on the street. Something about the weather is different also. I guess I’m used to Idaho weather being very cold by now… but I just can’t identify why I feel so off-beat right now.

Anyways, on a better note, I’m going to live with Josh in his new apartment! It’s pretty cool. We can see the Mesa Temple from the living room window. He’s got a pretty sweet computer and we’re going to go rock climbing a lot.

My first week back on the trail was great. I was with a Youngwalker who was starting the trail. She was really fun to hike with and she sung this Tim McGraw song a lot. We had so much fun singing it especially since the other Trailwalker was getting sick and tired of that song! It just made us sing it more! It was also cool to see some familiar faces here at Anasazi.


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