Coffee Rush

I’ve been at the “Coffee Rush” for the past few hours finishing up the next week’s worth of online homework before I head back on the trail tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this week for two reasons: 1. I’ll be working with friends I already know and hang out with, 2. I will be with the girls group which may be a nice change since I don’t normally work with them. I’m updating my blog right now for a break from homework.

Next week I am going with some other trailwalkers to help teach primitive skills at a Boy Scout convention. I am especially exited since I am an Eagle Scout. It has been a long time since I’ve done anything with the Boy Scouts, other than teaching First Aid at a Jamboree in Rexburg a few years ago.

Down in Tuscon there are some people who live in an “effecient neighborhood.” That means that their houses are positioned to harvest rainwater, warmth from the Sun, and coolness from the earth, etc. Kat and Scooter went down to Tuscon to volunteer services in exchange for a friendly tour and information on the process. I couldn’t go because I was feeling sick that day, but I hear it was great. I think I’ll get to go next time soon. I write this because I think that most of my friends reading this would love to do the same thing. Hey… we should start our own effecient neighborhood! 😉

There is another guy who is an herbalist and I think I’m going to visit him after the Boy Scout Conference I mentioned earlier.

By the way, it sure is nice to be typing on my own laptop right now. I haven’t had access to the internet before coming to the Coffee Rush, so I’ve had to use a crappy computer at the Office. My laptop is a Ferrari compared to that slow office beast of a computer.

This place has great hot chocolate, and the guy here is really cool with long black hair and goes by the name of “Mo.” One lady saw my longboard and said she was a pro-skater for VANS back in the day. Then she winked at me. I asked her if she’d ever been to So-Cal but she hadn’t. I asked her if she could do a hand stand on a skateboard and she said “no” (I saw someone do that at my Junior High School when they toured that area). Then she told me it would be pretty hard to do an Ollie on my longboard. “Um… yep, it would, but I can ride off of curbs pretty well.” (longboards aren’t meant for stunts like ollies). The conversation ended. I don’t know why, but older women are more attracted to me than ones my age. Or really short girls. No big deal. I wasn’t even interested anyways. I dated a trailwalker friend here for a bit and we still kinda like each other. Well, I gotta go bowling before going to the trail tomorrow 🙂 Hasta!


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