It’s Christmas Day! Sterling and I stayed up late last night playing video games. So we slept in until 10AM. I don’t think anybody started opening presents until noon. I made buckwheat almond pecan walnut banana pancakes 🙂 and Jo made scrambled eggs.

As far as presents go I received mostly clothes. This time however I like them all. Docker pants and Arizona shirts. Plus some church clothes and 15 pairs of socks (a little too much on the socks, mom ;). I also got a Black Diamond Climbing helmet 🙂 I didn’t really get presents for anyone either (because I procrastinated and I’m going to do it in January), but I did find some funny things from around the house and wrapped them; i.e. I wrapped Sterling’s soap and back scrubber and gave it to him as “the girl next door.” mwa ha ha!

We also talked to Bruce and Sarka and their three cute kids on Skype (video conferencing over the web). That was really awesome. Lately we’ve been using it a lot. Bruce said he made foot prints in the ashed in their fire place to make it look like Santa had been there!

Today it hit me: everything I want to accomplish in life I don’t do because I play video games. (Work out, write a book, build cool stuff, etc.) The reason I play them is to avoid “labor.” Could I really give them up completely? I gave them up before to learn web design. I think I’ll give them up again real soon to play with my RC Airplanes. What do you think?


The Fam

Kona is a Christmas Reindeer

Opening presents

I wrapped this for myself for fun

Jo and Sterling opening presents too (or holding Kona)

All the Presents and fun…

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