Career Fair

The career fair hit me like a ton of bricks. I had my whole day and life planned and then when I entered those doors and saw all those companies – some of them interviewing students who were already dressed up in suits – I got confused.

I say confused because I felt unprepared. I thought I knew where my life was going before then. But soon I realized that the world is bigger and has much more possibilities. I wasn’t sure if I was prepared.

I saw some companies there that wanted engineers. I have always loved electronics so I wanted to talk to some of the guys there, but since my background was not engineering they did not want to talk to me other than “check with us online for other services”. I already planned on having an engineering degree about 10 years after my first BS.

I got information on other companies that I was interested in: Organizational, and Outdoor Recreation. I’m most interested in applying to be an Events Manager for “The Leadership Center, Inc.” The Outdoor Recreation jobs weren’t that great, and if that’s what I really wanted I could always go back to Anasazi. I love their philosophy the most.

Overall, I learned that I need to have a more specific plan. So I made one. I have 2 classes after this semester to graduate with 2 degrees: Comm and Rec Leadership. So, May 2007 is when I need an internship or job. I have a top three list, in no particular order:
1. ILP – Teach English in Taiwan or China.
2. Work at Anasazi, try to affiliate with the Arbinger Institute through them.
3. Apply for the Events Manager position with The Leadership Center.

I may have to transfer to Provo to graduate though, I have too many credits here.

p.s. Google is really cool: i’m using Google calendar, and Google homepage. i recommend trying it.


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