Bye Bye Danger

I think I forgot to mention that Danger Kitty ran away from home, 4 days after I moved to Salt Lake (in October). I don’t think she enjoyed the move; and even may have felt like I “stole” her from our old home because I had no way of telling her what was going on. Four days after being in our new place I thought I would let her outside to look around. She promptly ran down the sidewalk and around the corner. I chased her but she ducked behind a house, and that was that last I saw of her.

I hope she found a better place to be – like a nice old lady’s house somewhere around the block, which is warm and she’ll get fet lots of food, and together they can keep each other company. I just believe that is where she is now.

I am living and working in Salt Lake City. I love what I’ve found here. I like the people, the surrounding mountains, the Salt Lake Temple, and the lingering heritage I sense here.

I’m starting calculus (finally) through BYU’s online courses. It is more economic for me to take classes this way while I work full time.

So I’m outta time here, but I’ll try to make some more updates soon.



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