Big News

So much has been going on these past few days but I just don’t have the time to say them all! Josh received the Melchezedic Priesthood tonight from his dad, Stan, and I was invited to be in the circle for the blessing. Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel with his dad and two brothers; Hannah and Marrie came along too.

Hannah cut my hair and she did a great job. I decided not to grow it long because I felt it just looked stupid and I think I look good with short hair right now. If I had waited another 6 months then my hair would probably be long enough to be looking good, but I didn’t want to wait… so I cut it short! Here is how it looks…



Sad news:
President Gordon B. Hinckley died on Sunday night around 7PM. He was at his apartment in Salt Lake City, where family members gathered around him at his bedside when he passed away. I found out when Hannah got a text message from her friend who lives in Salt Lake (just 30 minutes after he died). She was at my house and we were hanging out with Josh. My first feeling was a bit of shock – the guy had lasted so long and so well that I almost forgot how old he was! Then I was sad that he was gone for a few minutes – sad and shocked. Then I was happy for him because I knew he was with his wife again and also finally experiencing paradisaical rest from all his labors here on Earth. He will be missed. I am also exited to find out who will be the next prophet.

And now some more big news:
Hannah and I are taking a break. We talked about it tonight while sitting on my futon. I think it’s a good choice. Everything was clear and well said. I know we both like each other but it may only be as close friends. We are taking a break from the commitment to see where it goes from here.

That’s the end of all the Big News for now. It’s late so I will say goodnight.


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