Back into the outdoors…

Last night I did some solo camping up by the Superstition Mountains. I have a little spot I go to which is off road and hard to find. I found it by a good chance last year. It’s a nice place for some peace and quiet when what would otherwise be too crowded from traffic and people.

Today Lane and I went to Camelback Mountain and climbed a 2-pitch 5.8. It was my first climb of the year and I am SO happy now! There are some other climbs we want to come back to and finish but we just didn’t have the time today. [i deleted this rant because today i learned i was “in the box,” or in other words, i was not seeing things as they are within myself. But now i feel better and can see things clearly].

I also went to the world wide broadcast from the Church and that was great! We got to hear President Monson speak (I think it’s his first broadcast as the new prophet), and also a discussion from Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard and the General Relief Society leaders. Everything was about the Family. I liked seeing them in a discussion (instead of just in front of a pulpit giving a talk). It really helped me feel closer to the Apostles as individuals as I could see their personalities interact with each other.

Last thing, RED ROCKS CLIMBING TRIP is the weekend of Feb. 23rd. If you’re reading this and you like the rocks, then consider yourself invited. Leave a comment if you have questions. Thanks…


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