From my Journal:

“Well I am leaving Utah today. I don’t feel “ready” to go but I do feel like it’s a logical decision. I kinda feel like I want to have something finished but I can’t tell what it is. I’ve taken a long time to pack, well actually I’ve been packing fast, but I woke up very late, I just laid in bed and didn’t want to move for hours. I’m about to turn off my computer to get it packed but I wanted to write in my journal first.

This weekend has been great: General Conference; Josh Mayo visited and we climbed at the bouldering gym in Salt Lake; Jo came down with Kori and their dogs. We had lots of fun and it was good to see everybody.

In a way, I feel like Arizona is far away, but on the bright side, I feel like I’m making a new life for myself – able to apply what I’ve learned on my mission again to my life. Preparing myself for a greater future. Finding the independence I want inside of me.

Two months ago I thought I would be working at a resort in St. George. But since having cold feet, living at my parent’s house, working at KSL TV for two weeks, and searching for a direction in my life, I feel like Arizona is now the best place to realize a better future. In December I will be back in UT for Christmas.”


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