At my parents house

Man I’ve been writing in my blog a lot lately! Well actually, the pictures (by themselves) are sent to my blog via my cell phone, which is fast and easy, so it doesn’t really count as sitting at my computer and “blogging.”

Anyways, I’ve been pretty busy around my parent’s house. I’ve had a great time taking care of things. My jeep’s radiator is shot so tomorrow I’m going to look for a new one. Later this week I’m going to USU to take a first hand look at a school I may be attending in the Spring.

BTW, I’ve been accepted to ASU… did I mention that already?

NEW stuff… If you’ll notice on the right column of this blog there are some new features. First, the slideshow… that’s cool. Next, everybody’s blog I link to has an RSS update feed! (in English, it automatically “grabs” a part of their blog and posts it so you know if they’ve updated their blog or not). Way cool! Thanks Google!!!


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