Anasazi trail, Robbie Williams, Mt. Lemmon

I finished my 15th week on the trail on Wednesday! Once again I was with a girls band. They were great and thought we had a hard hike through dry creek beds for 7 hours each day, I look back at the week and feel a sense of success. Everybody got along fine and we had some great laughs around the campfire at night.

I might start doing other responsibilities besides Trailwalker which I’m pretty exited about. I will tell you more about that when it happens.

I just discovered a new music artist: Robbie Williams. I really like these two songs: Rudebox and Viva a life on mars. His website looks a little “flamey” if you know what I mean, but the music he makes is pretty cool.

I am so glad to be here right now, though I really do MISS everybody who’s still living it up in Utah and Idaho right now. It’s a freezing 78 degrees today 😉 I’m glad to say that I still think it’s hot… I have the AC on almost all the time. People around me wear sweaters and I’m like… I wish I could take my shirt off right now!

Josh found a list of climbs here in Phoenix so this Saturday we’re gonna check them out and also shoot up some old PC equipment with his shot gun 🙂

We went to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson last time… here are some pics…


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