A Little General Conference Insight of Mine

So, Conference was great… especially Priesthood. I sat in the hallway on a nice couch and the missionaries pulled up two chairs in the same hallway. I just felt their spirit so much as they sat there. It brought me back to my missionary days and how I longed for them. That attitude of hard work, and the Spirit of God so undeniable. It is almost like because I know how to wake up and be organized each day and be productive, that I sin when I don’t do it. So I’ve resolved to start doing it again. I’ve had this realization before since being home. (not that I’ve become some kind of bum… I just know I could do better).

But though I’ve cycled through productive lifestyles and unproductive ones, this time, being productive feels like a one-way street, and I don’t feel like a return trip to lazy-ville will ever happen.


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