A dream

today i was having a dream that i was getting ready to go to my friends house. i had to get showered, dressed, brush my teeth, use the bathroom and put on chap stick before i could go. well, i was finally ready and as we were walking down the street to get to her house we saw this guy next to the sidewalk sitting on his porch using a laptop. he had a beard and was dressed kinda like a hippy. we stopped to check out his computer, said hi, then when we turned to keep walking sudenly everything around me began to fade away – the trees, the bearded guy, the house, and road. next thing i know i can’t see anything but blackness. i then feel myself breathe and recognize that i’m laying down… am i awake? so i open my eyes to discover that i’m laying in my bed and i AM wide awake – it’s exactly 6 am. i try to go back to sleep cuz i want to know why i was going to my friend’s house, but i couldn’t form the dream in my mind again. i hadn’t planned on waking up for another 55 minutes, so i just decided to use the extra time to get some homework done. it was a good idea; i’ll probably wake up early again tomorrow.

well i haven’t been able to post with my cell phone more than once. apparently this feature is buggy and blogger still needs to work out some kinks. i’ve researched around the help groups and many people have had this problem.

i just added like 8 new photo ablums to my web albums. it was easy – only took 15 minutes. now i’m pretty much done. if i add anymore it will be my old stuff, like from 2004. You can find a link to my web albums above the blog links.


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