The title is because this is the 99th blog post i’ve made on blogger. I think I started using blogger in 2004. Before that I was blogging, but doing it the hard way using strictly html and css, without any automated php scripts to handle all the archiving. I moved to blogger cuz everybody was doing it! (bragging moment in 3…2…1…) Oh, and by the way, I’ve been blogging since 1999 on my own personal web site which I’ve owned and run since before you probably had email, and Google was just a funny-sounding name for a search page that was refreshingly simple.

Wake boarding took place yesterday at Rigby Res. The boat was 26 years old, but after a little bit of TLC and a power jump, it started up and purred like a water buffalo. Boarding itself was difficult from the choppy waters and my rusty boarding skills. Yet I was able to get up to 12 inches of air (yes, that’s 12 whole inches) off of the wake twice before sticking the board into the water and painfully coming to a stop. Afterwards we BBQ’d up some hamburgers and enjoyed frog-eyed salad and potatoe salad made by the Trophy Wife… uh, I mean Mary.


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