100! – I just bought my first Steep and Cheap

Wow, 100 blogs. And Angel-A started it all. What a trophy-blogger! Angela, this post goes out to you… Ranger…

It’s been so hot in Rexburg that I’ve been sleeping with just a sheet, open window, and fan blowing. The third floor of apartments are the hottest!

I just ran 100 miles and my friend, well she ran 250 miles so we could have a picnic in Colorado. I took an empty Sobe bottle and a fork and banged them together to scare away any bears and homeless hippies in the forest. I know that sounds silly, but it eased my nerves when I was alone 😉

I made my first purchase from Steep and Cheap. My headlamps are old and dim – even with new batteries. So when I saw this I just had to consider it. It was a little pricey, but with the features I knew it was a worthy replacement.

Black Diamond Solaris Headlamp

Check it out!!!
– Rechargeable li-ion batteries with car, and house charger!
– 175 meter bulb (2 football fields baby)
– 4 LED’s that burn for 1000 hours (this alone is more light and hours than my current headlamp.
– interchangeable red and blue lenses.
– Oh yeah, and it’s 120 USD cheaper on steep and cheap 🙂


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